We've Been Mentoring At Escape Studios

We've Been Mentoring At Escape Studios

The London-based visual effects school invited us to give advice to their students


16 August 2018

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Over the last few months we've partnered with leading VFX school Escape Studios to mentor and provide feedback for their compositing students.

Back in May, our Head of 2D Cale Pugh – who you can spend five minutes with here – visited the Escape Studios campus in London to go through compositing shots and provide essential final feedback ahead of the students' deadline.

Following that, in August, 2D Supervisor Ian Fellows mentored yet another course.

We're really happy to work closely with Escape on this mentoring scheme and hopefully we'll get to do some more later in the year. Getting one-to-one advice from senior VFX artists seems to really benefit the students, and it's a pleasure to be involved.