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We created this beautiful piece for Emilie Nicolas’ debut music video

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Agile Films

Outpost VFX Producer

Danny Duke

Outpost VFX Supervisor

Marcin Kolendo


Working with Agile Films, Marcin Kolendo and Elena Estevez Santos supervised the shoot in the Scottish highlands. A chilly affair.

Back in the studio, Josh Barlow was animating the whale so that the director could get a feel for the movement whilst still on the shoot, providing greater confidence in achieving good shot composition in the absence of a massive whale in the sky...

Using a combination of matte painting and various steam and smoke elements we made the Scottish Highlands even more expansive and atmospheric. Fluid and particle effects were then generated in Maya to add more depth and fidelity to the whales as they break through the mist.

The balance across the piece was to keep the VFX work believable despite the creatures being so far removed from their natural environment.

With some very light touches from the animation and comp team we managed to reflect the power and grace of the animation to the serene yet powerful tones of the music.

We’re really proud to have been involved in such a unique project.

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