One Strange Rock nominated for Televisual Bulldog award

One Strange Rock nominated for Televisual Bulldog award

The National Geographic documentary series has been nominated for Best VFX!


2 April 2019

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We are delighted that One Strange Rock has been nominated for Best VFX in Televisual’s Bulldog awards!

Produced by Nutopia, One Strange Rock explores the extraordinary history of Earth: from the planet’s incredible early formation to the present day.

We worked closely with Framestore on the show, creating a diverse range of sequences that illustrated everything from chemical processes like photosynthesis and microscopic details to epic cinematic shots of our pale blue dot from space.

Two of the more challenging sequences that we delivered included a camera move which followed starch crystals during photosynthesis, and a virtual camera move that went across the body of a CG fly, revealing the minuscule bacteria residing on its body.

The Bulldog Awards will be open for nomination on Friday 5 April, with a winner's dinner held at the Hotel Cafe Royal Pompadour on 2 July!

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