The Creator

Director Gareth Edwards (Rogue One, Monsters) brings a new epic sci-fi exploring a future world where humans and AI co-exist

Project Category

In Production


20th Century Studios


Gareth Edwards

Outpost VFX Producer

Melissa Delong

Outpost VFX Supervisor

Joe DiValerio

Project Overview

In a future where humankind and artificial intelligence are at war, Joshua (John David Washington) and his team of elite operatives are enlisted to hunt down and kill the elusive architect of advanced AI, The Creator, who has developed a mysterious weapon powerful enough to end the war.

As they embark on this mission and travel deep into AI terrain – a stunning futuristic ‘New Asia’ – Joshua discovers this world-ending weapon is in the form of a young AI child, Alphie.

Outpost were excited to help bring this visually striking, sci-fi thriller to life, utilising invisible VFX and seamlessly embedding CG elements into a number of sequences. The majority of the team’s work lay in implementing the biomechanical elements of Harun (Ken Watanabe), the leader of a community of AI robots.

Despite full human-like faces, these AIs have half a head of mechanical elements. It was of the utmost importance for the story that this CG asset was perfectly implemented into the action to cement these characters as AI and to ensure the overall look remains in-keeping with the beautiful aesthetics of the film.

The work included adding a subtle, robotic animation into the circular rings on either side of the head and creating a perfect bevelled edge where the skin meets the hard surface metal. The team leant heavily on the tracking team to ensure that the CG could be embedded accurately, particularly in sequences that featured a lot of quick movements and fast action.

Other work included action enhancement and invisible VFX.

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