Outpost Founder Sets Out Vision In Broadcast TECH

Outpost Founder Sets Out Vision In Broadcast TECH

Duncan McWilliam has penned a column about defining new ways of working for the April 2018 issue of Broadcast TECH magazine


25 April 2018

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"Ultimately, my feeling is that if you're happy, you're productive."

This is the key theme of Outpost VFX founder Duncan McWilliam's column in the April issue of Broadcast TECH, a leading trade publication for the TV sector.

In the column, Duncan explains that when he started Outpost VFX in 2012, he approached the burgeoning company ethos from a different standpoint to what he'd experienced before.

"I thought Outpost VFX should benefit from my experience as a working VFX artist and try something different," he explains in the piece, "because the status quo wasn't healthy, sustainable or good for our employees.

"When do we focus and when are we being efficient? Usually when we are fundamentally happy, well rested and stimulated in other areas outside of work."

In order for Outpost to achieve these aims, Duncan explains that a flexible working day and a calm approach actually maximise efficiency and wellbeing in the studio.

"The idea at Outpost is that you can start at 8am, 9am or 9.30am, then go home at 4pm, 5pm or 5.30pm, maybe 6pm if you're enjoying what you're doing. On any given day we see it as a sign of success if the office is empty by 6pm, and most often it is.

"Don't get me wrong, no job in the world runs without exception and there are of course times when we all have to pull together and put in the extra hours to get the client what they need. But the point is that we are trying to establish a culture that when crunch times do happen, people feel motivated because they have been enjoying a much improved work/life balance in the run-up to the crunch."

The full article features in the April 2018 edition of Broadcast TECH and on the Broadcast website. For more from Broadcast, you can visit their site here.