How Will Growth Affect Our Culture?

How Will Growth Affect Our Culture?

Something we always get asked is how we plan to keep our culture alive as we continue to grow


22 August 2018

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Whenever we meet anyone we like to talk about the culture here at Outpost – it's something we're really proud of, and our five core values have been the pillars of our success so far.

As our reputation has grown so has the demand for our services, and with that comes continued growth in a business sense. We're excited about growing to accommodate more fantastic people and more ambitious VFX projects from around the world.

But how do we keep that internal spirit and culture intact as we grow?

Our vision is to have more than one Outpost. Bournemouth is our home and headquarters, and will continue to be. When Bournemouth reaches 150 seats, if we need to continue adding seats then we'll do so in another location.

By doing this, we can ensure that our culture and sense of community remains alive and well at all of our studios.

What we'll avoid is our team members becoming anonymous through being a part of a massive, localised team – great ideas can and do come from anyone, and we don't want those ideas to be drowned out.

Wherever there are centres for excellence in education, favourable tax relief to offer to clients and a good work / life balance to offer our team, we could feasibly open an Outpost, with the 150-person cap in mind.

That's the vision for the future, and that's how we intend to keep our culture alive and well over the coming months and years.