This thrilling biopic follows the journey of Józef Klemens Piłsudski, the founder of modern independent Poland.

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Michal Rosa

Outpost VFX Producer

Josh Sykes

Outpost VFX Supervisor

Marcin Kolendo


Directed by Michał Rosa, Piłsudski is the epic drama focusing on the life of Józef Klemens Piłsudski among a backdrop of violence, betrayal and turmoil.

Starring Borys Szyc as the eponymous leader, Piłsudski and his underground activist collaborators will stop at nothing to restore Poland to independence.

Outpost VFX worked on a 50-second long-take shot in the film, creating a CG environment that spans the entire length of the shot.

“The length of the shot was a real challenge and the fact that it's such an iconic scene in the history of Poland, there was that additional pressure to make it look right and historically accurate,” says Outpost VFX Supervisor, Marcin Kolendo. “The result is outstanding. The CGI environment looks fantastic and I am proud to be a part of Piłsudski.”

Piłsudski is available to watch in cinemas in Poland now, and will premiere in the UK on 27 September.

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