Our Planet

We were so pleased to have been a part of this nature documentary series, from the team that created Planet Earth, Blue Planet and Frozen Planet.

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Silverback Films

Outpost VFX Producer

Josh Sykes


We were proud to have worked with Silverback Films on Our Planet, the documentary series for Netflix.

Narrated by Sir David Attenborough and in collaboration with the World Wildlife Federation, the eight-episode show comes from the mind of Executive Producer Alastair Fothergill (Planet Earth, Blue Planet, Frozen Planet) and has been four years in the making.

With footage from over 50 countries, it explores the diversity of the Earth’s natural beauty and examines some of the damaging effects caused by human action on our world.

Outpost VFX Producer, Josh Sykes, said, “Having the opportunity to work on such a visually stunning production is always a pleasure, and Our Planet promises to set the bar for a new generation of nature documentaries.”

Unlike other documentaries, which leave it until the last episode to discuss all of the threats facing the wonderful lifeforms on Earth, Our Planet pairs stunning visuals with thought-provoking messages about the threats of environmental damage.

The Independent said in a review, “The footage is glorious”, while The Guardian said "It looks as spectacular as you would expect" and Screenrant called the documentary “truly breathtaking, informative, and entertaining”.

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