Hobbs & Shaw

Directed by David Leitch, this high-octane spin-off from the Fast & Furious franchise stars Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham.

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Universal Studios


David Leitch

Outpost VFX Producer

Josh Sykes

Outpost VFX Supervisor

Roni Rodrigues


We recently had the pleasure of working on the latest instalment of the Fast & Furious franchise: Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw, delivering a key, popular sequence that involved invisible VFX.

“It's always a brilliant opportunity to work on a feature the scale of 'Hobbs & Shaw', but especially when it's part of such a well-loved franchise,’ says Outpost Senior Producer Josh Sykes. “When picturing the visuals in any past Fast and Furious productions, you tend to think of epic set pieces with some pretty 'in-your-face' action.

“Outpost's contribution on this occasion was actually the exact opposite."

"We were tasked with creating a series of invisible VFX across a sequence, resulting in a seamless outcome that's been very well received!"

"As the sequence involved invisible VFX, including background greenscreen replacements, it was essential for us to pay close attention to details like lighting, tracking, cars and position and also mimic all the effects that would be generated by the anamorphic lens, all while creating a seamless sequence on a tight deadline,” says Roni Rodrigues, Outpost’s VFX Supervisor on Hobbs & Shaw.

"We were very happy with the final results and it was a fantastic opportunity to work with the director David Leitch."

Hobbs & Shaw is in cinemas now.

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