The Boys S3

Your favourite anti-superhero vigilante team are back for The Boys S3

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Outpost VFX Producer

Randa Haddad

Outpost VFX Supervisor

Illia Afanasiev

Outpost VFX Crew

Aniket Devkar , Anjali Dwivedi, Bhupesh Ghagare, Caitlin Gilbert, Cedric Quach, Chetan Gaur, Devyan Chauhan, Hope Brackin, Jey Jutras, Nilesh Gawade, Nithin TK, Pascal Annand, Rajkumar Rallabandi, Samith Soumyanath, Snehal Bobate, Suvojit Ghosh, Yashvardhan Jain

Project Overview

Season 3 continues to follow The Boys on their mission to bring down Vought International's superheroes, seven of the public's favourite heroes who, behind closed doors, abuse their superpowers.

"We were excited to join The Boys at Outpost,” says Outpost VFX Supervisor Illia Afanasiev, “it was a fun project to work on and has its own unique and distinctive style.”

In a season rife with betrayals, conspiracies, and violence, we rejoin The Boys after a short-lived truce comes to an end when Butcher learns of a deadly weapon that is powerful enough to kill Supes for good.

Meanwhile, Homelander becomes unhinged, having recently been through the Stormfront scandal and consequentially has his powers restricted by Vought, leading to the perfect storm in which the two groups clash in true Boys fashion.

“A lot of our work comprised of 2D environment set extensions, as well as some digital make-up and gore. We also worked on some additional environment work for continuity purposes,” Afanasiev continues.

“It was a pleasure to work with such a talented team here at Outpost and I’m extremely happy with the shots we delivered,” he concludes.

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