See S1

Jason Momoa stars in Chernin Entertainment's epic sci-fi drama.

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Chernin Entertainment


Francis Lawrence

Outpost VFX Producer

Becca Scott

Outpost VFX Supervisor

James Rustad

Outpost VFX Crew

Adelė Olšauskaitė, Aleksandra Rafalska, Alessandro Maschietto, Alicia Abril, Alexis Menard, Amaury Marque, Arthur Lobo, Becca Scott, Ben Duff, Bjorn Gottwald, Brittany Thogersen, Carlota Gutiérrez, Cedric Quach, C-Jay Adams, Daisy Summerfield, Diamond Wheeler, Dominique Loubier, Eli B. Michaud, Elliott Creton, Emeline Doumange, Emilio Hernandez, Filip Sustek, Garmy Kane, Ghislain Oullette, Gianpaolo Marcogliese, Himanshu Khatri, Hugo Melo, Jack Martin, Jade Carter, Johan Gay, Josh Chappell, Josh Guitar, Joshua Senouf, James Rustad, Julie Marouze, Julien Record, Kaan Kucuk, Luke Butler, Madison Tavernier, Marcus Gomes, Mauricio Salas Dorado, Molly Pinkerton-Jarvis, Niamh Scott, Nick Varga, Olivier Lavenant, Paulo Mateus, Ricky Charlton, Roberta Fischetti, Rosa Sanchez, Sarah Iduwe, Sonny Menga, Steve Molloy, Stephanie Ross, Sukrit Sachdeva, Tessa el Miligi, Thomas Lhomme-Sorel, Tom Rowell, Valeria Vega, Victor Bok, Werner Reifberger, Will Phillips, Zak Abdel-Illiah

Project Overview

Directed by Francis Lawrence (The Hunger Games trilogy, Red Sparrow, I Am Legend), See is an epic drama set in a bleak dystopian world.

See stars Jason Momoa as Baba Voss and is set in a future where humans have lost their eyesight and must adapt to survive. But the future hangs in the balance when a set of twins are born with sight.

Outpost VFX Montreal worked on See this year, creating organic and hard-surface environments, set extensions, adding blood and gore to fight scenes and more across 160 shots.

VFX Supervisor, James Rustad says of the new show: “See, was a hugely exciting opportunity for all of us at Outpost, we were attracted to the setting and unique adventure the shows characters would go on.

“It was doubly exciting for us in Montreal as it was our first major project run entirely out of our new Montreal studio.

"The series was a perfect mix of CG and 2D work, which allowed us to develop a lot of new technical and pipeline processes for the company as well as develop our studio environment and culture in Montreal, which was equally as important."

James goes on to discuss our work on See in more detail:

“Our work on the show was varied but involved a lot of environment work, both organic and hard surface. We were tasked with creating a decaying freeway overpass, an abandoned theme park, flooded riverside houses, an ancient library set extension and the 'lavender road' which our heroes had to follow in episode 7."

"In addition we completed a number of fight sequence shots involving blood and gore both with 3D simulations and 2D element based work.”

"Working with our clients Eve and Adrian was a pleasure; they were very collaborative and receptive to the ideas we were able to bring to the project.”

The Guardian had high praise for the visuals of See as they said in their review of: “the character of nature here being played by a succession of awesome forests, mountains, plains and waterfalls, expensively shot with chilly crispness.”

While The Hollywood Reporter said: “no hour went by without a concept or two that I found intriguing, a shot or two that I found breathtaking or an action scene that I found ambitious… Lawrence and his production team do a great job of making See into a visual spectacle.”

See is available for streaming now.