The LEGO Group's latest TVC campaign brings together a whole host of CG creatures, vehicles and more

Project Category



The LEGO Group


Outpost VFX Producer

Fay Hancocks

Outpost VFX Supervisor

Marcin Kolendo

Project Overview

Working closely with the team at M2Film, we delivered this action-packed, CG-heavy commercial for LEGO in late 2018.

This is the first time we've had the pleasure of working with M2Film and The LEGO Group, and had a blast bringing their really strong creative to life with visual effects.

Large sections of the commercial are either fully CG or feature multiple CG assets, including the cars, the X-Wing and the pet dragon. We also built vast cityscapes for the vehicles to fly through and the large metallic beast that chases a family in the commercial's climax.

We worked on the commercial in our Bournemouth studio for roughly 11 weeks, utilising our experienced 3D and comp teams to achieve an end result that we're really proud of.