Not only did we deliver this stunning CG commercial for MullenLowe London, we also built a revolutionary crowd rendering pipeline in the process...

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MullenLowe London


Duncan McWilliam

Outpost VFX Producer

Gez Hixson

Outpost VFX Supervisor

Duncan McWilliam

Project Overview

Outpost VFX has delivered the latest broadcast commercial for Domestos, a Unilever brand. Working with MullenLowe London, we created the 30-second, CG-heavy commercial for international broadcast, employing our film-proven creature pipeline to achieve astonishing quality.

As well as pushing our creature pipeline to the limit, we’re proud to announce that we’ve implemented the new cross functionality between Redshift and Golaem Crowd to achieve full-CG crowd render times of as low as 15 minutes per frame.

This is the very first time that this functionality has been implemented in a live production, and we were involved with research, development and testing from the early stages of the initiative.

Although crowd work is a standout feature of the commercial, a wide array of other CG techniques and disciplines were employed to achieve the end result. All of the characters in the commercial are fully-CG and were sculpted, textured and animated by us. Numerous particle and lighting effects were then provided by our 2D team to add an extra layer of veneer, and the commercial culminates in an intricate fluid simulation.

Not only did we deliver all the CG for the commercial, we also developed all the individual germ characters in-house using digital and traditional illustration techniques, storyboarded the entire project and even shot the live-action sequences featuring Unilever’s product.

In addition, our founder Duncan McWilliam directed the commercial, overseeing the project and ensuring that perfect work was delivered on time.