In a dystopian, virus-ridden UK, an illegal street race may be the only way to sanctuary for desperate amateur racers

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Colm McCarthy

Outpost VFX Producer

Josh Sykes

Outpost VFX Supervisor

Cale Pugh

Outpost VFX Crew

Alysia Wildman, Andie Davies, Andrea Perisano, Ben Duff, Cale Pugh, Dave Sadler Coppard, Elena Estevez Santos, Emily Birkett, Felicia Petersen, Fiona Russell, Giorgio Pitino, Ian Fellows, Jack Martin, Jared Aughty, Josh Chappell, Josh Sykes, Krzysztof Jachura, Lena Turnier, Leo Pritchard, Marcin Kolendo, Matthew Dumbleton, Molly Pinkerton-Jarvis, Muzaffer Korkut, Niamh Scott, Nick White, Ollie Turner, Paul Francis, Paulo Mateus, Peter Duncan, Remy Brown, Richard Endean, Roberta Fischetti, Steven Boden, Steve Molloy, Timo Osella Pettrick, Tom O'Connor, Zak Abdel-Illah

Project Overview

We were absolutely thrilled to have worked on over 200 shots for Sky One show Curfew with Tiger Aspect.

Starring Sean Bean, Adam Brody and Billy Zane, Curfew sees teams of amateur racers competing in an illegal night-time street race. The prize? A way out of a virus-ridden United Kingdom.

We created a variety of invisible effects for the eight-episode series, including muzzle flashes, bullet hits, CG rain, CG blood, set extensions and matte paintings,

“From the very start Curfew has been one of those shows that piques your interest,” said Outpost VFX Producer Josh Sykes. “It's exciting, bold, stylish, and above all, original."

"What started out as a handful of shots in the first few episodes quickly grew to 223 across the whole series and the team here at Outpost have ended up creating some incredible visuals across all departments."

Josh continued: "Ranging from bullet hits to city matte paintings, it was a real pleasure to be a part of the Curfew journey!"

“The beauty and the challenge of the work was to make sure that our visual effects didn’t impact on the aesthetic or story of the show. Everything that we worked on needed to be invisible and appear as if it was in-camera, so it was important for us to not do anything that was distracting,” said Outpost VFX Supervisor and Head of 2D Cale Pugh.

Another challenge of the show was through the use of anamorphic lenses, which created a cinematic look to the show "Anamorphic lenses have a certain look and certain feel, a certain warmth to them that we had to make sure our effects matched with," explained Cale, "otherwise it wouldn't sit in with the scene and look distracting. It was important for us to take all of the lens artefacting and lens profiling, and make sure our effects sat in with this."

“We also had a great relationship with the client," said Cale. "We loved the standards that Steve [Street, overall VFX Supervisor] set and it was very rewarding to hit those standards! Our shot count increased as the show went on, through a lot of the good work that we did and the good working relationship we had. It was a show that everyone was very passionate about and we really enjoyed this kind of work.”

Curfew aired on Sky One on 22 February, and is available to watch on NowTV.