Outpost appoints Tim Chauncey as new CTO


Outpost appoints Tim Chauncey as new CTO

25 May 2022

Chauncey aims to leverage technology to create an efficient ecosystem for artists

Outpost is excited to announce that Tim Chauncey has been appointed Chief Technology Officer. Chauncey, who began his career as an artist, CG Supervisor and VFX Supervisor before moving into technology, brings with him a unique perspective on how to leverage technology to create an efficient ecosystem designed specifically for artists.

Based primarily in Outpost’s UK studios in London and Bournemouth, Chauncey will drive the future development of Outpost’s core infrastructure across the globe. He says: “Having worked in the production space for so many years, I have a good understanding of what those production requirements are, both as an artist and as a VFX Supervisor.

“I think I’m good at bringing the two worlds together. It’s important that we’re able to deliver production requirements on a day-to-day basis, but then also understand what we need to do in terms of technology to drive the company forward and support growth.”

Chauncey’s appointment follows a rapid period of growth for the studio, with new offices opening in Mumbai and London in 2022. Gez Hixson, Chief Operating Officer of Outpost, said: “With his background and experience Tim is perfectly placed to drive us forward as a global studio as we continue to support evermore high-profile productions.

“Having expanded to nearly 500 people across the globe, it’s more important than ever that we invest in the best technology in VFX, diversify our infrastructure to be more future-focused, and align our positive culture across all of our sites.”

For Chauncey, reliability is a key priority for him as CTO. “I know the struggles artists and production go through if the technology doesn’t deliver. In the long term, we’re looking to build in efficiencies and integrate new technologies to help really drive the growth of the business, but we don’t want to lose sight of the daily requirements of our artists. We want to provide the best working experience we possibly can.”

Through investment in new technology, including a wider transition to the cloud, Tim hopes to facilitate the continued growth of the studio while maintaining Outpost’s core values. He adds: “Outpost was built on core values, and as we grow, we need to continue that journey without compromising these key principles and preserve the unique culture that Outpost has.

“There are so many moving parts in the VFX industry. Enabling colleagues to come in, sit down at their desks, and have everything they need, all the tools they need, all the information they need to efficiently do their job – that’s absolutely key and something we’re working hard to improve every day.” 

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