Jennifer Fairweather Promoted to Global Head of Production


Jennifer Fairweather Promoted to Global Head of Production

21 June 2023

Jenn moves into a new position to unify all production processes across sites and to build a collective voice for the department globally

Jennifer Fairweather has been promoted to the new role of Global Head of Production.

Jenn joined Outpost VFX in 2021 as Head of Production in Montreal, overseeing projects such as Renfield, Foundation season 2, and Citadel. “I’m excited to take on the role of Global Head of Production,” Jenn says. “It allows me to have the positive influence I always wanted to have in terms of structuring Production globally, facilitating good communication and clear processes, and setting everyone up for success as we continue to grow.”

Jenn will work closely with the Production teams, Resource teams and Managing Directors globally to consolidate department processes, focusing on project efficiency and team cohesion. 

“I’ll be working with everyone at a local level to understand what happens day-to-day on projects, what the unique challenges are regionally, and how we can create a better experience and environment for everyone on team,” Fairweather continues. “From there I’ll be looking at the bigger picture to understand the impact this has at a global level.

“In terms of efficiency, it’s so important for us to work as one unified team across all sites, whether that’s as granular as how we use ShotGrid, or as broad as how we communicate within our teams so everyone has project visibility at all times. I would really love to put a structure in place that would theoretically allow for anybody to move from one site to another and immediately be able to pick up where they left off.”

Jenn plans to pull ideas and knowledge from all sites to power the Production team: “I want to facilitate a lot more cross communication and training across the sites, leaning on each other’s strengths to progress the team further. A part of this will be building a collective voice for Production; I don’t want to dictate how we run things, I want to have more of an open conversation and share ideas or suggestions so we can move forward together in the best way.

“It’s really important to me that we invest in people that genuinely care about others because it impacts everyone else. Investing in those people and training them so they feel positively motivated and challenged means they’re going to show up for their team time and time again. That benefits the Production team, our artists and our clients.”

Jenn’s appointment comes at a busy time for Outpost VFX, having just delivered Fast X, Silo, and Extraction 2. Jenn wants to ensure that as the studio’s awards continue to grow, the processes in place will serve that growth: “A big focus for me will be looking at the sustainability of our Production practices and how we can continue to work in a way that sets us up for even more success in the longer term.”

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