5 Minutes With… 3D Artist Cedric Quach


5 Minutes With… 3D Artist Cedric Quach

13 August 2021

From Arch-Viz to Phil Collins, here's everything you need to know about Cedric, who delivers incredible CG work out of our Montreal studio

Can you start by telling us how you got into visual effects?

To be honest, I wanted a way out of my job as a Architectural Vizualisation artist, and also I wanted to take a look outside of my country (France). After some efforts I landed my first job as an Asset TD. The thing is, at that time, I didn't know anything about the VFX workflow, so I had to learn the hard way…

Did you always want to get into film and TV or did you have earlier aspirations?

My studies were more oriented towards feature animation – I had that silly dream that one day I would work for Pixar. But now that I'm in VFX, I don't think I'll change that soon.

What brought you to Outpost?

Fate! A recruiter contacted me one day out of the blue, I had an interview in a not so finished studio at the time (the walls were not painted yet and there were cables hanging everywhere), I liked it, they liked me, then I signed. I still think that this was one of the best decisions I ever made in my life.

What would you say the culture is like at Outpost for an artist?

From my subjective point of view, it's a culture of good vibes. Everybody is accessible and helpful, even the Managing Director herself! A lot of companies are boasting about a good work environment, but at Outpost it's real. Of course it's not perfect, nothing is, but it's the closest to that idea I've found so far.

Have you always wanted to do environments? Is there anything in particular that you love about your role?

I always have been an environment guy. I was hoping to become a lighter fresh out of school, until reality hit me: nobody wanted to hire me in that department! But I don't regret anything, I like what I'm doing now.

Which released project brought you the most joy to work on? Do you have a favourite shot that you’ve been a part of?

As for the project, I would say See. The first season was really enjoyable to work on, because I could work on so many different aspects – true generalist work makes me happy. And my favorite shot would be a DMP I made for The Alienist season two, because I asked if I could do it even though I'm not a specialist in DMP. Learning new things makes me happy.

And what environment / asset have you worked on before that kept you awake at night?

I had to manage a carnival environment for one movie. Ridiculously heavy assets, bad communication, technical issues... a nightmare!

How have you adapted the way you work over the last year during the pandemic?

I think it's not so different, even if communication is a bit harder. It's easier to poke your neighbor for help in a studio than having to call them through a camera. The most difficult for me was the lack of environment change, from my apartment to the studio, and I also miss laughing at silly jokes with my colleagues.

Any tips for a great home office environment?

At least a good desk and a good chair.

Any inside secrets you’d like to share with anyone looking for a career in CG?

Don't be afraid to say you don't know something, be honest you'll learn faster. And keep your scenes clean!

One of the many environments Outpost delivered for See.

Finally, some quickfire questions. What’s the one thing you always keep on your desk?


You can eat one thing for the rest of your life – what is it?


What would be your superpower?

The same as Thanos with all the infinity stones.

You’ve got a couple of hours to kill – what do you watch?

Japanese anime or pro wrestling (AEW!).

What are you currently learning?

Japanese, well I try...

Any pets?

No cats! They are evil! And I'm allergic. I like dogs but waiting to get a bigger flat to get one.

Favourite way to relax?

Taking a nap on the couch or playing ping pong.

If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?

Laputa. Yeah I know it doesnt exist… But the closest would be the Ghibli museum in Japan.

What irritates you?


Guilty pleasures?

Can't tell you that haha…

Favourite song?

In the Air Tonight by Phil Collins.

Last present you bought yourself?

A desk lamp with intensity and Kelvin temperature controls.

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